Aldre - 1 oz

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Product Description

 In Swedish,  ÄLDRE means “elder”.

Like a wise elder, this conditioning oil absorbs quickly and makes a lasting impact.  ÄLDRE was made to deeply condition your skin without residue or overly heavy moisture. 

Perfect for dry skin, dry conditions, and ideal for aging skin. This deep moisturizer is alive - using plant wisdom and vital essentials to plump and finish dry skin, offering soothing relief mixed with our proprietary Vinoflora (pressed grape seeds and skins + botanicals and fruit acids).  Some of the world's most luxurious oils condition skin while sacred essentials of rose, sandalwood, and marigold offer delicate facial skin essential nutrients, even skin tone/scars, and visibly reduce signs of aging.


Skin type: AGING, NORMAL or DRY


Use and Details:  

Use a small amount at least once daily on dry skin/ aging skin, or as a weekly deep conditioning treatment on combination skin or occasionally on oily skin.  For best results for dry and aging skin, use in combination with REN Daily Wash or KÄNSLIG Sensitive Skin Face Wash and with VÄN Wildcrafted Botanical Serum.  

Also excellent for use directly after surgery or injury, once a wound has healed and scar needs to be minimized.  



Organic oils of rosehip seed, argan, marula, and prickly pear, and essentials of Bulgarian rose, Nepalese sandalwood, and Peruvian marigold.

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