Belly Soothe Oxymel

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Product Description

This blend was formulated for deep intestinal repair. Calms symptoms of IBS. Supports digestion & absorption. Completely safe for kiddos over the age of one.

~ Calendula works it’s magic by calming inflammation and supporting the balance of intestinal flora.
~ Plantain leaves can slow digestion, aiding in symptoms of indigestion while supporting absorption
~ Marshmallow Root forms a thick protective coating in the digestive tract, which can help reduce burning sensations and tame other symptoms of digestion distress.

(2 oz/59.1 ml)

Made with love by Mama Life Wellness.

Mama Life Oxymels are made by infusing an herbal formula into a mixture of raw apple cider vinegar and raw enzyme-rich honey. Both apple cider vinegar and honey have been used forever to help boost the immune system, soothe dry throats and temper digestive issues. Raw apple cider vinegar is high in acetic acid, strands of proteins, enzymes and helpful bacteria. It also does a wonderful job at extracting the minerals from the plant material. Meanwhile raw honey brings soothing qualities and offers it’s powerful germ-fighting qualities. As you can see, these two ingredients are extremely beneficial to the body and when you add herbs you also get the powerful medicinal properties from the plants

Organic & Ethical Ingredients. Always.
plantain leaves, calendula, marshmallow root, rose, local apple cider vinegar, raw honey



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