Green Walnut Bitters - 4 oz

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Bitters, bitters, bitters, they are super important for gastric health and nobody gets enough.  In herbalism, bitter herbs are generally indicated for the stagnant or constricted tissue state, due to their inclination to increase flow and a more relaxed tissue state.  This is partially due to their alterative, or blood purifying, properties often instrumental in maintaining liver health.  However they also tend to stimulate digestion and have historically been taken as an after dinner drink or “digestif.” Our line of bitters follows in this tradition, keeping digestion flowing and internal organs happy.  Seize the bull by the thorns and fight off bloating, indigestion, and constriction with our Bullheaded Bitters.

Try this tonic produced with sublime handpicked and curated Green Walnut Bitters. Sometimes referred as 'Nocino' and traditionally imbibed as an Italian Liqueur; our Green Walnut Digestive is a twist on the classic. With high notes of anise and a rich bitter nut flavor of walnut this seasonal (and limited!) tonic is a classy way of enjoying summer. Try it with some soda water and a twist of lemon. Or spice it up with some rum and the Mamba. Tell us how you like it best!

Ingredients: Hand picked green walnuts, organic roasted dandelion root, organic star anise, organic lemon peel, infused in neutral spirits and local honey.


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