Dehydrating Food with Outdoor Foodie & Wellness

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Thursday June 15th @ 530- 630pm


Drying your own food for the trail is a great way to save money, lighten the weight of your backpack and enjoy quick, tasty, comforting AND nourishing meals throughout your adventure that are easy on your stomach and digestive system!

Many shelf ready backpacking meals are hard on our stomach, lacking balanced macro nutrients- and made with less than ideal ingredients! If you have never dehydrated food before you might feel overwhelmed, possibly skeptical or cautious about doing it yourself, when in reality it is very simple and inexpensive process that you can certainly do at home! Once you start placing your first slices of food onto the dehydrator trays, you’ll realize that it takes a lot less effort than you expected.

The class will go over easy-to-follow instructions for dehydrating everything from fruit and vegetables to meat, fish, pasta and cooked grains.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Choose the best food dehydrator
  • Dehydrate fruits, veggies, meat, fish and other foods at home
  • Safely store and pack dehydrated food for backpacking trips- as well as rehydrating tips and tricks!
  • Create tasty and nutritious snacks and meals for your wilderness adventures- or to preserve your incredible garden bounties!
  • Reduce food waste by using what was forgotten foods- and make them into delicious goodies for tomorrow!



I'm Amanda Johnson- a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP- also known as a Holistic Nutritionist ). I help empower people struggling with various chronic health challenges find long-term relief and balance by addressing the root cause and supporting the bio-individuality of my clients through real food, mindful movement, education and lifestyle tips. I believe your healing journey with real food can be a stress-free lifestyle, filled with joy and flavor, giving you the time and energy to feel confident to live more! My journey with nutrition began after I realized I could heal myself through food from the inside out! I am an athlete, a dog mama, a foodie and I am passionate about living a non-toxic life! I also love spontaneous adventures of any kind!

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