Fabulous Wild Fungi - Darcy Williamson

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Fabulous Wild Fungi, Wildly Creative Cuisine Paperback – September 24, 2015

While there are over 14,000 mushrooms, only about 3,000 are classified as edible, more than 700 have known medicinal properties, and fewer than one percent are recognized as poisonous. Each edible mushroom has its own unique texture and flavor. Preparing mushrooms according to their individual characteristics brings out their distinct culinary assets. Some are best eaten raw, sautéed, baked, or added to soups or sauces. Other, especially those with high water content, need to be simmered or steamed. There are those which have firm flesh and are best cooked slowly, or marinated and grilled.Fantastic Wild Fungi ~ Wildly Creative Cuisine guides you through the best way to prepare 22 species of wild edible mushrooms. The book offers over 200 recipes and hundreds of tips on when and where to find the different species, identification guide-lines, preserving your harvest for future use, and the nutritional and medicinal qualities of the mushrooms you eat.