Healing Plants of the Rocky Mountains - Darcy Williamson

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Award winning author and herbalist, Darcy Williamson, shares her thirty years of experience teaching the diverse uses of Rocky Mountain plants.

Healing Plants of the Rocky Mountains represents thirty-one native species that have greatly contributed to Darcy's intimate knowledge of the plant world. Each chapter includes an introduction, details on identification, how to harvest for regeneration, plus instructions on preparation for usage.

Artist, January Atkinson, also has a passion for native plants, capturing the quintessence of each species with vibrant watercolor illustrations.


About the Author:

Darcy Williamson has spent over thirty years studying, harvesting and preparing medicinal plants of the Rocky Mountains. Author of 26 books, Darcy has been selected as a featured speaker for such organizations as the Idaho Physicians Assoc. and Idaho Rare Plants Society. She has led more than 300 medicinal plant forays and classes throughout the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest, including many regions of Idaho's Primitive Area.

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