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Product Description

Karuna Kava Bar and Beverage company was born out of a need for a better social beverage. After many years of struggling with alcohol, Karuna Kava Founder Ben McQueen discovered a better way of life through the practice of drinking kava and creating community through nonalcoholic social togetherness.

Vervain is happy to carry several of Karuna Kava's chilled Kava beverages!

  • BANANA FOSTER PUERIKI VANUATU KAVA- is a rarer cultivar of kava renowned for its euphoric and uplifting, socially enjoyable effects. Paired with organic Cinnamon, Cloves, and concentrated banana juice, this kava makes for an easy sipping, deliciously relaxing kava option. Sweetened with organic Jaggery, you may notice hints of molasses and caramel. This is one of our stronger kava cultivars that we have been able to access, and it makes for a really great social kava. Bananas Foster Pueriki has an earthy pepperiness that is countered nicely by the sweetness of Banana and Jaggery. Sourced from the Island of Tongoa in the Republic of Vanuatu. UPLIFTING, SOCIAL, BALANCED LEANING HEADY. Contains Coconut Milk Powder. Vegan

  • CINNAMON HIBISCUS FIJIAN DAMU KAVA -When you want a smooth and effective kava, this is an easy one to turn to. Organic Hibiscus, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg provide a delightful base for this Fijian variety of kava. Lightly sweetened with Grade A Organic Maple Syrup, this kava variety isn’t overly sweet, nor is it particularly bitter or “rooty”. It goes down easy, and has a very relaxing and calming sensation. This is what we call a “creeper” kava. While it tends to be much lighter in effect for the first 30 minutes or so, this kava will sneak up on you and leave you blissfully relaxed later on in the session. Damu is certainly a heavier kava, so this is a great nighttime or evening drinker for when you want to wind down, relax, and enjoy the effects of a very strong kava. SOURCED FROM KADAVA, FIJI. HEAVY, RELAXING, RESTFUL. VEGAN.

  • TRADITIONAL VANUATU MIAOME. Miaome (may-oh-may) is a delightful variety of kava from the Republic of Vanuatu. This traditional kava pays homage to the true way of preparing kava. No additives. No flavors. No sugar. Just high quality kava root, water, and the physical effort of preparation. This is the most authentic version of kava that we sell, and if you like to drink kava, you will enjoy this variety. Come back to our roots with the Traditional Vanuatu Kava! Sourced from the Republic of Vanuatu. UPLIFTING, SOCIAL, BALANCED LEANING HEADY. Vegan, Sugar Free.

  • MULLED PEACH BIR KAR. Bir Kar is a highly known kava variety for its strong and relaxing effects typically used for celebrations. The organic mulled spices and peach puree offer a delicious and enjoyable taste. Lightly sweetened with local Idaho honey, and hand prepared at Karuna Kava non-alcoholic kava brewery. Feel: Deeply relaxing and good for evenings.
  • PINEAPPLE GINGER HAWAIIAN MOI 'AWA. Bright and refreshing isn’t something most people associate with kava. Our Pineapple Ginger Moi is just that! Delicious, light, and less earthy than normal traditional kava, this is made with kava that has been freshly harvested and shipped directly to us on ice! This is a great uplifting, cheerful kava variety that we enjoy during the day or for social occasions! For those that struggle with the flavor of kava, this is a fantastic option. The pineapple, ginger, and honey make this one of the smoother kava offerings that we have. The fresh green kava also provides a smoothness and enjoyability that is perfect for newbies! Give this kava a try at your next party! SOURCED FROM MOLOKAI HAWAII. BALANCED LEANING HEADY, EUPHORIC AND UPLIFTING.



  • MORNING JASMINE TEMOTU SOLOMON. Many people find that kava is an evening affair; our Morning Jasmine Temotu would argue otherwise. This Solomon Temotu kava cultivar is strong, heady, and mentally stimulating. This kavalactone profile is uplifting, focusing, and clearheaded. Combined with a small amount of Organic Oolong Green Tea and Organic Jasmine Pearls, this kava is smooth, clean, and refreshing. If you want to enjoy kava during the day without the sleepiness often associated with getting “rooted”, this variety is a perfect daytime or morning option. SOURCED FROM SANTA CRUZ, SOLOMON ISLANDS. DAYDRINKER: HEADY, EUPHORIC AND FOCUSING.

  • CACAO VANILLA KELAI VANUATU. This kava is special. We are excited to have access to this amazing kava root Vanuatu. Kelai is treasured and beloved for its euphoric, uplifting, and unmistakably “heady” effects. This is one of the happier kavas that we have ever encountered, and the organic Cacao and Tahitian Vanilla Bean add the perfect flavors to assist your kava journey! Enjoy this creamy, strong, euphoric kava during the daytime or for social occasions. This kava is a great alternative to alcohol, as it is very social, talkative, and cheerful. Sourced From the Island of Epi, Vanuatu. Socially Euphoric, Uplifting, Mentally Engaging. Enjoy multiple servings per session to allow the kavalactones to build within the system.