Lotus Incense Holder- Navy

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Product Description

- Size: 6 x 3.3 inch. Outer disc diameter:(3.3 inch). inner disc diameter( 2.3 inch). height (0.5 inch)

- Hole size multiple sizes to accommodate very thin incense sticks to thicker incense sticks or cones

- Made of Zinc alloy

- Burners are 2 pieces and do not attach to make 1 solid burner, pieces are designed to freely stack

- Easy to clean, hand wash with mild soap

- Made in China, painted in the USA

*Special Note: If incense sticks lean due to the weight of the resin portion, please trim bamboo sticks down to about an inch prior to burning. This will help counter the top heavy weight and decrease the incense stick lean. Ash may fall outside of incense burner.

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