The Science & Art of Herbalism - Payment Plan (2+3)

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Vervain is proud to offer Rosemary Gladstar’s “The Science & Art of Herbalism” certification course!
Join us for a 10-month journey exploring herbal medicine that will engage the senses and the intellect while introducing you to a wide range of herbal topics and techniques. In this small-group setting, we will help you cultivate the confidence to support radiant health and address a myriad of health complaints using herbs. This program is designed to be fun and challenging as it guides students in extensive study – expect to spend about 20-30 hours outside of class hours per month studying and completing the homework assignments (official certification available).
Classes will meet every third Saturday of the month starting February-November (subject to change). Classes will be offered both online and in-person as we manage safety during COVID.
This course will deepen your understanding of healing herbs and introduce you to a wide range of herbal topics. 4 hours/month of personalized instruction includes:
     - Lectures in Herbal Materia Medica, Botany, Herbal Energetics, Anatomy and Physiology, First Aid, Accessibility and Sustainability of Herbal Medicine, and Home Treatment Plans.
     - Hands-on learning: herbal infused oils, salves, tinctures, bath salts, sprays, infused honeys, syrups, vinegars, and much more!
     - Local plant identification walks and on-location exploration as weather permits to discover our local herbal bounty!
     - A comprehensive binder with the course text and dozens of recipes from Rosemary Gladstar’s The Science and Art of Herbalism printed course curriculum.
     - Rosemary’s newest video course: The Foundations of Herbalism video series.
Bring your curiosity and join us on this herbal adventure that will span seasons and body systems!
General Schedule (subject to variations): 11am-1pm; lunch 1pm-145pm; 1:45pm-3pm.
- Full Course (10 sessions + full materials - printed binder and digital slides): $600 or 3 payments ($250 + $175 + $175) *
- Drop-in per session (does not include binder; slides for the single class only): $50
*If you decide to join mid-year, you can join the next year's sessions for the ones you missed.
Email if you need more information!

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