Tvatta Body Wash - Mini

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Product Description

In Swedish, TVÄTTA is the word for “wash”.

The TVÄTTA daily body wash is designed to support healthy skin in natural balance with an army of natural living ingredients to protect you from daily environmental damage. 
With natural foaming agents and surfactants from plants and fruits and moisturizing ingredients, this luxurious creamy wash helps skin return to a state of grace.  This is the only thing I have ever seen that truly works for sensitive places and dry cracked feet and elbows. 
Because our wash is formulated with both our Vinoflora and kefir grains full of natural lactobacillus, you will notice that when you finish washing and rinsing your skin will feel sort of squeaky clean until it dries.  That's the living army preparing to take care of your skin for the rest of the day. Once it dries your skin will take on a soft, nourishing texture, which is the perfect base for a moisturizer like FIN body butter or RÖR body oil. 
With a soft feel and essentials of lemon, bergamot, and tonka bean, you'll feel rooted, focused, and ready to face the day. 

Skin type: ALL 


Use and Details: 

Use generously all over the body.  This formula has a nice feel and comes to a light creamy foam with vegan ingredients for a gentler effect on the skin. 


Water, potassium olivate, yarrow + yucca concentrate, honey, glycerin, aloe extract, Vinoflora, kefir grains, sunflower oil, castor oil, lauric acid, citric acid, konjac root, xanthan gum, natural color, and lemon, tonka bean & bergamot essential oils.