Urinary Tract Formula tincture

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Product Description

Supports normal healthy urinary tract function*


  • Supports a healthy urinary tract during times of irritation
  • Supports healthy tissue in the ureters and bladder
  • Use short term as needed

Use Urinary Tract Formula along with Cranberry Syrup for broad spectrum urinary tract support.

Properties: cooling, astringent, demulcent

Ingredients: Buchu, uva ursi, echinacea, corn silk and old man's beard in a base of organic cane alcohol, mountain spring water and vegetable glycerin.

Usage: Take 30-60 drops 2-4 times a day.

Precautions: Not recommended during pregnancy

Supporting a healthy urinary tract allows for prevention of urinary tract irritation. An imbalance in the mucus membrane tissue that lines the urinary tract allows for bacteria to adhere, causing infection and discomfort.  Symptoms of imbalance in the urinary tract are painful urination, increased need to urinate, and pressure above the pubic bone when urinating, often with a dragging pain at the end of the urine stream. These symptoms should always be evaluated by a qualified healthcare practitioner, but we are also lucky to have many herbs available to us that offer natural support for normal healthy urinary tract function.