DIY Bitters-Book

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Used since the Middle Ages, bitters are traditionally taken before or after a meal and can help stimulate and promote healthy digestion. DIY Bitters is a how-to guide that explores the history and health benefits of bitter botanicals. Adorned with beautiful photographs and botanical illustrations, this book takes you through the process of making bitters at home.

In this beautiful book, herbalists Guido Masé and Jovial King show you how to make everything from classic bitters such as dandelion and chamomile, to more innovative flavors such as rose, delicious Vermont maple, and even pastilles. They even offer a guide for creating your own unique flavors from the plants and ingredients you may have on hand or grow in your garden. Whether enjoyed as an aperitif or digestive, bitters are an indispensable botanical remedy that no herbal home should be without.

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