Kanslig - mini

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Product Description

 In Swedish, KÄNSLIG means “sensitive”.

We have used a lot of washes and always end up with goldilocks syndrome - “too drying, too moisturizing, too sticky…..”.  For dry and very sensitive skin, KÄNSLIG is just right.  Though it is still effective at clearing makeup or environmental toxins from the skin, and creates a satisfying foam, it’s also super gentle, for skin that is very sensitive, taxed, dry, aging, or very young.  

KÄNSLIG  combines the gentle power chamomile and calendula, and the moisturizing + clarifying agents in natural maple syrup and blue botanicals.  With our proprietary Vinoflora (pressed grape seeds and skins + botanicals and fruit acids) it provides gentle power and holds moisture.  This super gentle wash won’t clog your pores like an oil cleanser, and won’t dry already dry skin.  It foams up and runs clean, supporting gently moisturized skin.  Use with FUKTA for heavy moisture or with TONA and VÄN for mild moisture.  Naturally vegan, cruelty-free, highly effective, active, botanical, and wildcrafted.



Use and Details:

Use as a daily face wash for dry or very sensitive skin, or combine 50/50 with REN Daily Wash for an occasional moisture boost with combination skin. Also great men’s facial hair as a beard shampoo. Ideal one bottle solution to be shared by partners or a family in a bathroom or for travel.

2 oz


Calendula and chamomile infused grapeseed oil, olive oil castile, 100% pure maple syrup, blue chamomile, blue yarrow, lavender hydrosol, vinoflora, pure aloe, and vegetable glycerin.